Your Next Great Adventure

Is In Joseph, Oregon

Joseph and Wallowa County offer endless opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Whether you spend the day hiking the Eagle Cap Wilderness, fishing for Kokanee in Lake Wallowa, or cycling the open roads of Wallowa County, your next great adventure awaits you here in Joseph. Surrounded by magnificent salt-and-pepper granite mountains, the Joseph area is home to approximately 534 miles of trails and over 50 lakes, including Oregon’s highest glacial lake, Lake Legore. Take a breathtaking ride on the scenic Wallowa Lake Tramway or spend a day viewing the abundant wildlife that call the region home. On any given day, you might spot elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, river otters, red foxes, and many more. If you’d prefer to explore with the help of a guide, consider taking a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure with Winding Waters Expeditions & Day Tours or cycling along the beautiful Joseph Branch Railway with Railriders Cycling.  Also visit the Joseph Fly Shoppe for information about the best fly fishing in the area.  Whatever adventure you choose, Joseph is truly an outdoor lover’s paradise.


One of the hardest parts of hiking in Wallowa County is deciding which trail you want to explore! The region boasts hundreds of miles of trails, ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging. Exploring the Eagle Cap Wilderness offers hikers the chance to revel in unparalleled peace and quiet while also experiencing awe-inspiring natural beauty on par with some of the most popular National Parks in the county. Some of our favorite trails and destinations include:

Chief Joseph Trail (14 miles round trip)

Aneroid Lake Trail/East Fork Wallowa Trail (12 miles round tripWest Fork Trail (12 miles round trip)

Hurricane Creek Trailhead (20 miles round trip)

Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site

For more information on hiking in and around Joseph, visit AllTrails, the Joseph Chamber, or feel free to ask us at the Kokanee Inn! We are avid hikers and would be thrilled to provide any information you may need about trails, distances, and directions. Additionally, we offer trail transport services and car drop off for our guests, inquire for details.



Wallowa County boasts some of the finest road cycling and mountain biking trails in the state. Take it from the people at Cycle Oregon, who’ve said, “Somewhere in America there may be a more awe-inspiring ride than this climb to the Wallowa Valley. If so, we have not found it.” The routes in the region offer the combined pleasure of both visual rewards and physical challenges. The trails will take your breath away, both literally and figuratively.

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Wallowa Lake

Wallowa Lake, the most pristine lake in Eastern Oregon, is located about one mile from the Kokanee Inn. Surrounded on three sides by stunning 9,000-foot snow-capped mountains, this gorgeous, crystalline lake is a popular spot for fishing and boating. Spend your day fishing for Kokanee and Mackinaw, exploring the waters on boat, or simply lounging on the shores, soaking in the warm sun and marvelous views. For more information, please visit